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Here’s what you get access to as a member of SMS:

An extensive video library

Watch fun, expertly-produced videos at your own pace, tracking your progress as you move through them.

Our videos are created to target specific exam boards, by teachers experienced with the curricula.

Quizzes to test your knowledge at every step

Research shows that taking tests improves your understanding and recall much better than just rereading your notes (source). Our extensive quizzes help you cement your understanding. 

You also earn experience points for passed quizzes, so you can compete with your classmates! 

PDF review sheets to practice on the go

Members get access to a comprehensive bank of printable practice worksheets, as well as a collection of PDF chapter summaries, helpful for last-minute review. 

Student forums and groups

Members can form private groups and engage in forums with other students to share tips, strategies (and memes).

SMS is a fully-fledged social learning platform with fora, groups, a news feed, friend connections and private messaging. 

Currently open courses (free while under development):

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IB Chemistry

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